Emajõe Waterworks Ltd was created by 22 local governments in 2004. In 2017 four other local governments joined the company. The company operates in 115 settlements, which are located in five different counties. In addition to operating water supply and sewage systems, the company carries out maintenance, repair, reconstruction and construction of new networks. Aim of the company is to ensure sustainable management of water supply and to inculcate resource-efficient consumer behaviour. Emajõe Waterworks Ltd is the member of The Estonian Water Works Association.

Emajõe Waterworks Ltd has participated in many projects since 2004.
In 2007-2013 the company was a partner in ENPI cross border cooperation programme EST-LAT-RUS. The project was named „Water Management Project of Peipsi, Pihkva, Lämmijärve, Saadjärve and Veskijärve Lakes“. As a result we improved waste management, water supply systems and implemented the GIS system.
Emajõe Waterwoks Ltd has had many Cohesion Found projects:
– Water management project of Emajõe and Võhandu drainage area (2005-2010)
– Project No 2.1.0101.09-0035 Elva water and drainage system reconstruction
– Project No 2.1.0101.15-0160 Acquisition of equipment and software for maintaining company’s infrastructure.
– Project No 2.1.0101.15-163 Acquisition of water meters to increase efficiency of customer service and to get more accurate meter data.

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